Z07 > Z06: The Hi-Po C8’s Optional Z07 Package Kicks Things Up a Notch


Z07 > Z06: The Hi-Po C8’s Optional Z07 Package Kicks Things Up a Notch

We all know that the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is going to be an amazing piece. It’s only the second ever Corvette to come with a DOHC 5.5-liter V-8 (the first being the fourth-gen Corvette ZR-1). Engine aside, the stuff that makes the C8 Z06 so incredible, and a true high-performance machine, is amplified by the Z07 Performance package. Lightweighting, sticky tires, and big brakes? Yes, it’s all there.

While carbon fiber body pieces are not unusual in the automotive world, using the wonder material for wheels is far rarer. We know the new Z06 isn’t the first car to do it, nor is it the first non-supercar, but it’s still something that not many manufacturers do. For all its strengths, carbon fiber is a brittle material and regular road strikes like bumps and potholes are more stress-inducing on a wheel than you can visibly see.

That’s why, we wager, these wheels won’t be made solely from carbon fiber. Instead, we think the Z06 will use a wheel with a forged aluminum barrel and a carbon fiber face. This can be a challenge all on its own, as Boeing found out with its Dreamliner. However, this type of wheel construction is not totally unusual or unheard of in the aftermarket space. Despite this, GM reports that these wonder wheels are going to save about 41 pounds relative to the standard Corvette’s wheels.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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