You Can Buy This Rad Group 4 Audi Quattro


You Can Buy This Rad Group 4 Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro may best be remembered as the fire-breathing Group B monster with a front-mounted wing, but its rallying glory days started in the much more traditional Group 4 ruleset. The first Quattro competition cars were much more like the road cars; revolutionary all-wheel-drive coupes with a respectable amount of power and relatively modest aerodynamics. If that’s of interest to you, one’s for sale right now.

This Group 4 race car dates back to 1981, the first full year of Quattro production. While it may not have been documented rallying in its heyday, the car has been rallied since at least 2015 and will come to its next buyer ready to race with an overhauled transmission and engine and extensive spares for all major components. It is approved to run through 2026, but it can be extended past that point after another FIA approval cycle.

The refreshed 2.1-liter inline 5 was prepared and installed in 2014. Outside, the car is adorned in Audi’s period-correct red factory livery, the same colors the most famous Quattros of the Group 4 era ran in top-level rallying competition. The look is completed by a custom red interior, modernized with more current timing technology for participation in modern rallies. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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