You Can Buy a 1-of-50 60s Ferrari Masterpiece


You Can Buy a 1-of-50 60s Ferrari Masterpiece

In 1963, Ferrari was on top of the world. Their mid-engined 250 P had just won Le Mans, their fourth consecutive win as a manufacturer in what would be a stretch of six. Their 250 GTO was the world’s greatest road car, a reputation it arguably holds to this day. But their 250 GT/E, the front-engined 2+2 grand tourer that marked the pinnacle of Ferrari luxury, had the wrong engine, and the 330 GT 2+2 that would replace it was not ready for production. So, for just one year, Enzo Ferrari’s company built 50 of its older grand tourers with its newer 4.0-liter V-12 engine, the one that would power the 330 GT lineup from 1963 through 1968.

This is a 330 America, a one-year special that served as the bridge between the end of the glory years of the 250 line and the beginning of the celebrated 330 line that replaced it. This particular car shares the rare distinction of having actually been driven throughout its life, as evidenced by 89,000 miles on the odometer and a few flaws in the paint, but the Pininfarina-designed bodywork remains in excellent shape. It makes for an ultra-rare V-12 Ferrari from the company’s golden age you can actually drive on occasion. In other words, what might be the perfect car.

Like the exterior, the interior has some of the flaws you would expect from a car from the 1964 model year that has been driven. The seats are worn and the dashboard is cracked. Neither take away from the appeal of the car, they simply mean you do not have to worry about being the first to wear down wear parts in a car that was designed for long drives.

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