WRC Driver Sebastian Ogier Crashes Between Stages, Wins Anyway


WRC Driver Sebastian Ogier Crashes Between Stages, Wins Anyway

World Rally Championship participants are expected to drive their cars through regular traffic while transiting between stages. Generally, this is no real obstacle. However, the risks of driving on normal roads do apply, and sometimes that can lead to a race car crashing into a road car, as Sebastian Ogier experienced this weekend at WRC’s Croatia Rally.

As a video shows, Ogier was slowing from a middle lane to park in a bus stop on the outside of the road. A member of the public was attempting to pass in that lane, and Ogier did not appear to signal. The BMW then hit the slowing rally-prepped GR Yaris, damaging both cars significantly.

Ogier and the driver exchanged information, but there was some confusion when police arrived. The Toyota factory driver claims that the group did not speak English, but did allow him to leave after he provided everything they needed, according to Autosport. Video from the scene appears to show those same local officials trying to keep the car in place while he drives away from the scene of the accident, running a red light. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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