Why You Should Be Excited About the Polestar Precept Concept


Why You Should Be Excited About the Polestar Precept Concept

The striking Polestar Precept concept debuted at a tough time. Polestar originally planned its unveiling for the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but that show was cancelled, and the car premiered via virtual conference. After finally spending some time in person with the Precept, and chatting with Polestar CEO Thomas Ingelath and design lead Max Missoni, there’s a lot to be excited about with the latest Polestar.

The Precept was initially pitched as a concept car that would preview the brand’s future designs, starting with next year’s Polestar 3 crossover. But now, the company has decided to put it into production. It’s set to arrive in 2024 as the all-electric Polestar 5, and the company is spending a lot of money to make it more than just a fancied-up Volvo. “It’s not about just building a tophat and using technology that exists,” Ingenlath says. “It’s about building a holistic car experience.”

The Polestar 5 will use a bonded aluminum space frame—the sort pioneered by Lotus, which is now owned by Geely, parent company of Volvo and Polestar. It will use a developed-in-house motor called P10 that puts out more than 600 hp in its most powerful guise. The 5 will also use a lower-power front motor for a total all-wheel output of 872 hp. In concert with Lotus, Polestar is developing a new 800-volt battery architecture, which should allow ultra-quick recharging in the 5. And interestingly, the 5 is being developed by Polestar’s new U.K.-based research and design team.

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