Why Does Every New Car Look Like Every Other New Car?


Why Does Every New Car Look Like Every Other New Car?

I was in the market for a car, which represents the only time in my life when I don’t have to be pissed off at other cars on the road to notice them. I use every stoplight as a chance to scout out new car prospects. I saw one SUV I thought was attractive, but I couldn’t tell which make it was from behind. Another car was rudely blocking its logo.

“Maybe it’s a Bimmer,” I said to the dog. “It kinda looks like one.”

It wasn’t. It was a Hyundai Santa Fe, which kinda resembles the Acura RDX, which kinda resembles the Volvo XC60, which kinda resembles the BMW X3. You might call that a generous leap from one car to the next, but these four models are all 75 inches wide, 66 inches high (save for the Volvo, which is 65), and they only differ in length by a maximum of three inches. They all have rear quarter windows smaller than a porthole on a submarine. They all have chrome accents to increase the glam factor by, like, five percent. And they all abhor right angles, with the Santa Fe being the only one of the bunch daring to box up its trunk and liftgate to accommodate more shit for Johnny’s first trip to college. They’re spiritual clones, and they’re not exceptions in being so. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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