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Watch Two Koenigsegg Jesko Prototypes Get Sideways and Shoot Flames on a Runway

The Koenigsegg Jesko is one of the funkiest new cars out today. Unleashed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019, it makes 1600 horsepower from a twin-turbo V-8 and sends power to the rear wheels via a wacky seven-clutch transmission. All 125 examples sold out within two weeks of the car’s debut, and testing for production is well underway.

Koenigsegg published a video to Instagram on Tuesday showing off two Jesko prototypes being thrashed on the company’s Ängelholm, Sweden runway, which sits adjacent to its factory. We’re able to see the cars get sideways and smoke their tires, performing big drifts and massive burnouts. We’re also treated to a few high-speed flybys and flame-spitting from the centrally mounted exhaust.

Both of these Jeskos, sporting matte black paint and Swedish manufacturer plates, are dressed in standard trim without the optional “Absolut” package, which focuses on top speed rather than track performance. The biggest giveaway is the massive wing out back, which gets replaced by a pair of stability fins on the Absolut model. For the full story and video, checkout this article from Road & Track.

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