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Watch This Very Quick Audi Quattro Demolish a Tarmac Stage in a Historic Rally

Modern WRC cars are fantastic to watch, but it’s even cooler to see a 30-plus year-old rally car fly through the forest at high speeds. This onboard video from last weekend’s historic Vltava Rally in the Czech Republic is exactly the type of stuff we’re talking about.

This clip, uploaded today by the FIA’s official YouTube account Friday, shows the No.1 entry of Zippo and Denis Piceno in their Audi Quattro going absolutely flat-out through stage 11. According to the video’s description, the Italian team was trailing the then-leading Porsche 911 SC of Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner, and it was this performance that allowed them to close the gap and eventually take the win on the 12th and final stage. For the full story and video, check out this article from Road & Track.

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