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Watch This Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Set a Nine-Second Quarter-Mile Record

Extreme Turbo Systems, a tuner based in Vancouver, Washington, was recently able to set a quarter-mile time of 9.05 seconds at 159 mph while testing a customer car, beating out the previous record set by Emelia Hartford back in June 2021.

According to a video published on Tuesday by the Extreme Turbo Systems YouTube channel, the C8 in question is equipped with the shop’s twin-turbo kit, which uses two Precision Turbo PT6466 turbochargers, a water-to-air intercooler, an upgraded fueling setup, a new intake manifold, and a MoTeC ECU to ensure all the new parts play nicely together. The company is also developing a heavy-duty clutch kit for the C8, a prototype of which was used on this car. There’s no word on power numbers, but the video’s description does mention this was the first C8 to break the 1000-hp barrier on a dyno. For the full story and video, check out this article from Road & Track.

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