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Watch Gordon Murray Take His First Drive in a T.50 Prototype

A little over six months ago, Gordon Murray debuted the T.50 supercar, his successor to the mighty McLaren F1. Amazingly, the first engineering mule cars are testing, and Murray just had his first go in a proper T.50 prototype at the Top Gear test track, nearby Gordon Murray Automotive’s headquarters.

The 3.9-liter Cosworth V-12 in T.50 Experimental Prototype 2 (XP2) is limited to just 3000 rpm—well shy of its 12,100 rpm redline, so Murray isn’t exactly pushing it. Still, he says in the video that he was able to chirp the tires giving it a quick crack of the throttle. And even with the engine barely revving above idle, it sounds cool. Just imagine what it’ll sound like when it’s revving four times higher. For the video and full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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