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Watch A Toyota Supra Jump Into A Huge Pile Of Cardboard Boxes

Also, see how car stunts are filmed these days.

A lot of people dislike the new Toyota Supra mostly because of its close relationship to the latest BMW Z4, and those folks might enjoy the Japanese coupe flying through the air into a huge pile of cardboard boxes. This was a one-time stunt, and the car was totaled during the filming.

The video is a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the Toyota Supra entended commercial The Pitch (below). The jump occurs near the end of the clip.

The specially prepared Supra has lots of extra weight in the back to prevent it from landing nose first like a lawn dart during the jump. There’s also a beefy roll cage for protecting the driver, which requires partially stripping the cabin. It’s mechanically stock.

The aftermath of the stunt was a Supra was a broken rear suspension, flat tires, and damage to the fascia at the back. The drive is fine, which is what really matters. For the full story and video, check out this article from Motor 1.

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