Watch a Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Race the Hoonicorn


Watch a Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Race the Hoonicorn

Since the debut of the Tesla Model S Plaid, supercar owners everywhere have been forced to watch in silent horror as Elon’s creation annihilates machines left and right at the drag strip. As it currently stands, there’s just about nothing in production this side of the Rimac Nevera that is capable of rivaling the Tesla. That said, there are plenty of rivals out there for the Plaid if you’re willing to look outside of the industry. That’s where the Hoonigan folks come in.

As has been the case as of recent, Ken Block has been relegated to the sidelines for this latest installment of Hoonicorn vs The World. That’s because his 14-year-old daughter Lia Block is behind the wheel, taking on a returning guest Adam Jorgensen. Jorgensen’s last appearance saw him and his Plaid embarrass a modified McLaren 720S, which was making four digits worth of horsepower. Thankfully for Block, the Hoonicorn’s 1400 hp is a bit more than the 1020 hp on offer from the Plaid. The Hoonicorn takes the weight advantage too, tipping the scales at just under 3000 pounds That isn’t tremendously light, but the Model S Plaid is a portly 4766 pounds. Then again, the EV has been recorded ripping off 0-60 mph runs in under 2.0 seconds, as well as quarter-mile passes in under nine seconds. The thing is nuts.

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