Watch a McLaren Elva Slide in the Rain at Goodwood


Watch a McLaren Elva Slide in the Rain at Goodwood

More than anything else, the Elva stands out in McLaren’s large and complicated catalogue of mid-engined supercars as the one without a windscreen. While this may make it the most radical and exciting thing the company produces, it also makes for a truly terrible experience while driving in the rain. That would not stop 1999 Indianapolis 500 winner Kenny Brack from sending one up the Goodwood hill climb route in questionable conditions.

The Elva may also be available with a windscreen, but this variant is the speedster first debuted in 2019. This variant comes with a complicated aerodynamic solution designed to push air over the cabin at speed, but it only works in a straight line. Brack is sliding through the rain at every angle, making for a driving experience that looks difficult, uncomfortable, and, more than anything else, exceptional.

By the end of the run, Brack has completely embraced the conditions and the car. He uses all 800 horsepower the Elva has on tap to find new angles through corners that would be questionable on a traditional track. At Goodwood’s hill climb, those drifts put him perilously close to the protective hay bales that jut out into what is effectively a one-lane road. For the full story and video, check out this article from Road & Track.

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