Watch a Ferrari F40 Drift on a Dirt Oval


Watch a Ferrari F40 Drift on a Dirt Oval

At some unnamed point, in some unnamed location, a supercar meet happened. This is not uncommon, but usually this happens at a track or at least on a roadside. The meet YouTuber TheTFJJ recently documented instead happened at what appears to be a makeshift dirt oval built in someone’s backyard in England. Naturally, someone drove their F40 around the dirt track.

The confusing eight-minute video shows a few laps around the track, all of which feature aggressive power slides on corner exit. The crackles of the legendary 2.9 liter V-8 also howl on a few launches up some sort of paved hillclimb course and a few donuts in the grass between the track and the paved section. All of it is as spectacular as it is pointless, a questionable but delightful use of a car that sells in the $2 million range.

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