Volkswagen May Bring Back the International Harvester Scout


Volkswagen May Bring Back the International Harvester Scout

Volkswagen insiders are considering building an all-electric off-roader to go up against the Wrangler and Bronco, and they want to call it the Scout, reviving the classic International Harvester Scout name for the first time in decades. Volkswagen Group of America Chief Operating Officer Johan De Nysschen floated the idea during a conversation with the media at a recent press event. De Nysschen noted the larger Volkswagen Group now owns the rights to the Scout name through its commercial truck division and recognized the heritage and brand equity the name carries with off-roaders.

With Volkswagen shifting its entire product line to electric vehicles, though, the reborn Scout wouldn’t be a photocopy of a Jeep Wrangler or a Ford Bronco, the old Scout’s direct competition. Instead, De Nysschen envisioned something like the upcoming Rivian R1S all-electric SUV, but “at a $40,000 price point instead of $70,000.”

Such a plan makes even more sense when you consider the timeline. Volkswagen only recently came to control the Scout name when its commercial truck subsidiary, Traton, merged with Navistar in July 2021. Navistar is the company that was created when International Harvester went under in 1985 and continues to own the Scout trademark for “land vehicles over 2400 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), licensed for use on public streets, highways as well as off road use, namely, light duty trucks excluding fire trucks, such as pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, medium duty trucks, and severe service or vocational trucks.” For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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