Toyota Says It’ll Build an All-Electric Pickup Truck Soon


Toyota Says It’ll Build an All-Electric Pickup Truck Soon

A few years ago, the idea of an electric pickup truck seemed … unimaginable. Trucks are meant to haul, tow, and play in remote places where electric car chargers are hardly found. Fast forward to today, and we’re seeing a wave of electric trucks that will hit the market soon from names familiar (Ford with its F-150 and the return of the Hummer) and new (Tesla with its Cybertruck and Rivian with the R1T). Toyota is the latest big-name automaker to confirm plans to bring an electric truck to market, whether it’s in the form of a TundraTacoma or both.

Using the stage at the Shanghai auto show, Toyota said it will bring hybrid and battery-electric powertrains to its truck lineup. It stopped short of indicating which specific nameplates will have an electric variant, and this is the first time we’ve heard the automaker speak about electrifying its trucks.

Both Chevrolet and Ford have confirmed that they are working on electric versions of the Silverado and F-150, respectively, so the idea of a full-size electric Toyota Tundra makes sense. Toyota’s full-size truck is about to enter its third generation, and it shouldn’t surprise us if the new pickup is equipped with some kind of electrification. The Rivian R1T, another full-size electric truck, should be arriving in the next few months, and the Tesla Cybertruck will be here one day—it may be scheduled to go on sale this year, but that is likely optimistic. The GMC Hummer EV pickup will arrive for 2022. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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