Toyota Corolla With Hydrogen-Fueled Combustion Engine Sounds Good


Toyota Corolla With Hydrogen-Fueled Combustion Engine Sounds Good

The future doesn’t have to be completely silent.

The death of the internal combustion engine has been greatly exaggerated. Yes, we are heading towards an electric era, but the good ol’ ICE is not giving up without a fight just yet. The Volkswagen Group has been toying around with the idea of synthetic fuels long before “Dieselgate” was even a word and it’s not the only large company attempting to keep the “noisy” powertrain alive.

Take for example Toyota. The Mirai is not exactly the most exciting car in the world, but it is one of the cleanest since only water comes out of its exhaust tip. This JDM-spec Corolla Sport hatchback also feeds on hydrogen as the midsize sedan, but it still has a combustion engine. The fuel used is one hundred percent pure hydrogen without even a single drop of gasoline.

Its hydrogen engine emits close to zero CO2 emissions when in use, “except for the combustion of minute amounts of engine oil during driving.” Toyota goes on to say these engines “burn hydrogen while taking in oxygen in the air, as in the case with gasoline engines, a certain amount of NOx is created in the process.” For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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