Touring a Passion Fueled, 10-Car Collection of ’60s-Style Homebuilt Hot Rods


Touring a Passion Fueled, 10-Car Collection of ’60s-Style Homebuilt Hot Rods

When we met Jeff Wasserman in 2015, we were impressed by his five-car garage and the cars he had there that day. But even that super-sized garage wasn’t big enough for all his cars. Most of his collection was stored elsewhere at the time, but we did get to see his 1915 Ford Model T, his 1934 Ford three-window coupe, and the 1965 Chevelle two-door wagon, which was his daily driver at the time.

A year later, Jeff moved from Los Angeles to Somis, in the middle of Ventura County orchards. His house was built in 1978 with a three-car garage, a shop area, and an additional 45-foot-deep motorhome-sized garage. By the time Jeff moved in, the garage capacity had expanded to 18 cars, with commercial doors, lots of cabinets, and carpeted floors with rubber mats laid underneath the cars collected there.

Jeff’s collection is diverse in some ways and similar in others. Six of these 10 cars are prewar Fords; the rest are postwar Chevys. Jeff has owned most of them for decades (off and on in some cases), has built and rebuilt all of them, and is genuinely passionate about every single one of them.

“I’m not someone who buys and sells cars all the time,” Jeff told us. “When I buy a car, it’s because it’s something I really like. I have sold cars on occasion, but not often. When I sold my Chevelle, I ended up buying another one just like it. When I sold my Model T, I bought it back. When I sold my Corvette, I bought it back. When I say I like a car, it’s not that I like those kinds of cars; I like that specific car.” For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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