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Three of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Cars That Wowed Millions With Crazy Stunts Are Up for Sale

Ken Block is perhaps one of the most widely known pro drivers in the entire world—even folks who don’t care about racing love to watch his drift-filled Gymkhana films. His on-track performance and on-screen presence have helped to breed a new generation of auto enthusiasts and perpetuate the love for the hobby shared by millions around the world.

Between the Hoonigan branding, Monster logo, and iconic “43” moniker, Block’s cars are instantly recognizable by virtually anyone who has watched a car video on YouTube in the past decade. Now, Block has listed three of his most legendary rides up for sale, including his beloved 1986 Ford RS200.

If you’re looking to own the very first Gymkhana-modified Ford, this is your chance.

The Olsbergs-built 2.0-liter Duratec pumps out a more-than-respectable 600 horsepower. When combined with the car’s lightweight construction and a six-speed MakTrak sequential gearbox, the platform is capable of a zero to 60 run in just two seconds.

You’ll instantly recognize this car from Gymkhana 3 where the car made its bouts climbing the walls of a French autodrome. Block says that the car was purpose-built to do exactly that—very light, very simple, and in his own words, “the ultimate Gymkhana car” For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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