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This Used Volvo V70 Wagon Will Cost You $20M Thanks to Its License Plate

f someone asked you to conjure up a valuable Volvo, you’d probably think of something rare and vintage like a race team-restomodded P1800. Nothing made in Volvo’s post-brick era of safe, reliable and drab cars even came to mind, if I had to guess (V12 swaps notwithstanding). But it is indeed one of these more forgettable Volvos that is the world’s most expensive; a first-generation V70 wagon with an asking price of $20 million. And if you haven’t figured out why already, just take a look at its yellow license plate.

New York’s one and only NEW YORK vanity plate, which the seller’s father, according to duPont Registry Daily, nabbed in the late ’70s after NY began stamping eight-character vanity plates. This distinctive plate has reportedly been passed down through the family for more than four decades since as a sort of family heirloom, one that has adorned multiple vehicles over the years. For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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