This Toyota Supra Is Packing a 750-HP V-10 Surprise


This Toyota Supra Is Packing a 750-HP V-10 Surprise

In 2017, we gave you a close up look at drift personality Ryan Tuerck‘s GT4586 – a car that seemingly took over the internet’s automotive space almost overnight. That project, a Toyota 86 powered by a Ferrari 458 V-8, was put through its paces and delivered eargasms every time a video clip was released. After the “will it work” question was answered, the next question soon asked was, “how could he possibly outdo something that crazy?” The answer to that was found in the Mobil1 booth at SEMA this week.

If you haven’t followed along with Tuerck’s Instagram or regularly scheduled YouTube updates, this Mk5 Supra has been a work in progress for quite some time. Another Ferrari swap of some sort would have been interesting no doubt, but this time around it was something a bit more motorsport-focused. The heart of this new endeavor is a Judd Power GV4 V-10.

The original version of the 72-degree, 10-cylinder racing engine was introduced in the early ’90s and could be seen (and heard) in action over the years in 24 hours of Le Mans, Formula 1, Indy, CART, and even hillclimb competitions. The 4.0-liter, naturally aspirated engine sports 13:1 compression, produces 750 hp, and can be revved out to 11,000 rpm without breaking a sweat. Transmission duties are left to a Holinger Engineering FD6.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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