This Porsche 911 SC Build Spared No Expense


This Porsche 911 SC Build Spared No Expense

Every time you stomp your way through the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the annual SEMA pilgrimage you’re met with a mixed bag of eye candy. Some builds are incredibly focused, high-level examples of performance clever craftsmanship, while others are wild spectacles pieced together with the intent of hearing “oohs and ahhs” from attendees. Within that mix, there are some gems that can slip right through the cracks if you’re not in the know or simply a victim of sensory overload.

Take this 1979 911 SC, for instance, a year-long project that CSF Cooling’s Ravi Dolwani embarked on with immeasurable assistance from a dream team of builders. In passing, it’s a nice, tidy “Porsh” with a pristine paint job and wheels. If you’re familiar with older Porsche chassis or you have an eye for meticulous detail, then you’re drawn to this car and will likely stick around for an extended stay as you drink in its finer points. Get down to brass tacks with Ravi and you quickly realize this is nothing short of a masterful take on a classic.

In January, the car was purchased from Porsche restoration guru Simo Veharanta of SV Auto. It was an accident-free chassis and not only was Simo to provide a workable deal on the purchase, he was also set to be a major part of this build. His shop, which sits right behind his house and is fully equipped to handle major surgery, is where the majority of the process would take place. Before even getting started, he and his guys completely stripped every single nut and bolt from the 911 and gave the car an intense cleaning.

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