This Poor C8 Corvette Got Smushed by a Maserati on a Car Carrier


This Poor C8 Corvette Got Smushed by a Maserati on a Car Carrier

If you have ever purchased or sold a vehicle from out of state, you might be familiar with the dreadful process that is shipping a car. Nothing against car haulers here, but for non-commercial customers, the whole process is generally stressful as hell. Just ask the owner of this particular C8 Corvette, which was seemingly crushed during transit by an improperly loaded Maserati.

The news comes by way of Motor1, who discovered the photo after it was uploaded to Facebook by user Cedric Massey. While Massey’s post doesn’t actually provide us with any real context surrounding the mess unfolding in the image, this isn’t exactly an Agatha Christie thriller. Auto transport trailers pack hydraulic systems to operate the ramps needed for loading cars, which are backed by physical stoppers for safety reasons. It appears the someone removed those safety components on this truck, or simply forgot to reinstall them after loading the trailer. This is likely what caused the white Maserati to introduce itself to the roof of the Corvette. However it happened, either maliciously or accidentally, the owner of this C8 Corvette gets to deal with the repercussions. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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