This Opel Manta Has Been Reborn as an All-Electric Sports Car Concept


This Opel Manta Has Been Reborn as an All-Electric Sports Car Concept

The Opel Manta is one of Europe’s most iconic cars. Launched in 1970, it quickly proved itself both on road and track as one of the all-time great sports coupes. It even nearly competed in Group B rally. Opel, in an attempt to bring the Manta’s legacy into the future, has introduced a resto-modded Manta concept called the GSe ElektroMOD. It looks fantastic, and even has a manual transmission.

Based on a 1974 Manta GT/E, the GSe ElektroMOD retains the stunning body lines of the original car but improves upon essentially everything else. The fascia has been swapped out for a funky black panel with two L-shaped light bars and a glowing Opel badge. The rear receives a similar upgrade, with four LED taillights and a slick “Manta” badge on the trunk in Opel’s modern font. The wheels are now 17-inch units from Ronal, while all of the chrome has been blacked out.

In place of the original four-cylinder under the hood sits an electric motor making 147 horsepower and 188 lb-ft of torque. It’s powered by a 31 kWh battery allowing for a range of up to 124 miles. Power is still sent to the rear wheels via the original four-speed manual gearbox. Being electric, you could just pop it into fourth and leave it there, according to Opel. But where’s the fun in that? For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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