This Is What Happens When a Stock Car Rolls in Front of You


This Is What Happens When a Stock Car Rolls in Front of You

Today’s NASCAR races at the pack racing tracks, Daytona and Talladega, are an interesting thing with an unfortunate, terrible quirk. The racing is close, the tactics are complex, and the finishes are intense. However, all of that is the result of draft-based packs that both naturally create contact that can lead to spins and naturally bunch cars so close together that avoidance is a factor of luck and luck alone. Sometimes, the leader spins and you come out of a wreck with no damage at all. Other times, a car in the leading pack spins, that spin turns into a rollover, and you find yourself driving head on, at full speed, toward a car on its side.

That was where 23XI racing ace Bubba Wallace found himself at the end of today’s first stage. Further up in the pack, the leaders checked up while the trailing cars had significant momentum. It was a racing incident, but it ended with Denny Hamlin hitting Joey Logano at speed, turning him into the pack. When his No. 22 Ford got to the apron turned the wrong way around, that speed all went in the wrong direction, and air flipped his car completely. Wallace, leading a lane further back in the field, suddenly found himself face to face with a driver’s worst case scenario. For the full story and video, check out this article from Road & Track.

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