This Is the Best Racing You’ll See All Week


This Is the Best Racing You’ll See All Week

Most American racing fans have never tuned in to the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). That’s a damned shame. Because BTCC’s brand of door-banging, paint-scraping, hell-for-leather mania seems tailor made for our widescreens. Even more, the BTCC’s production-based cars have always allowed Britons to stare out a kitchen window, sun setting on their Empire family sedan, revealing a silhouette nearly identical to a racing car. Few race series on earth understand that charm anymore, the affirmation and connection it lends to fans.

Even more important than the production connection, BTCC has always produced epic racing. The series’ spectacle has been so consistently standout, you could point to many “Golden Eras” of the sport. But for me, peak BTCC aligned with FIA’s Group A regulations, which were created in 1983 and adopted by the series. That run and ended in 1990, when BTCC switched to a 2.0-liter engine formula called Super Touring. The Group-A field represented a more varied swath of vehicles, engine displacements, manufacturers, and entrants. Privateers mixed it up (and often won) against the deep-pocketed manufacturers. A David and Goliath flavor developed on the grid, where a dense field of distinct classes diced on England’s most-iconic tracks. Legends were made of the drivers. For the full story and video, check out this article from Road & Track.

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