This Honda S2000-Powered BMW E30 Is Almost Ready for SEMA


This Honda S2000-Powered BMW E30 Is Almost Ready for SEMA

In the first installment of this S2000-powered BMW E30 build series being led by ENEOS ambassador Faruk Kugay, we gave you a little history on this chassis and his plans for the project. Like just about every build headed for SEMA week, time is unnaturally short and the global parts availability crunch and associated shipping woes don’t help matters.

This E30’s heart transplant and complete transformation is taking place at DEVSPEED, Faruk’s shop, based at Sonoma Raceway with help from Calem Dennis and William Bond. After the crew stripped out the E30’s interior as well as peeled off the roof skin in anticipation of its carbon fiber top, attention was turned toward the engine bay. The car’s original I-4 was removed, and the engine compartment cleared to make room for Honda’s F20C.

Derived from the celebrated S2000, the 2.0-liter F-series (not to be confused with the F20B used in some Accord models) was introduced in 1999. What the engine lacks in low end grunt, it more than makes up for with a dizzying 9,000 rpm redline. Compact, fully capable of all day track excursions in stock form, and emissions friendly, it’s an ideal power plant for this E30 and is intended to find a balance between reliability and track day ferocity – all wrapped-up in a California street-legal package.

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