This Dodge Mirada Is Roadkill Pro Street Perfection!


This Dodge Mirada Is Roadkill Pro Street Perfection!

David Freiburger has wanted a proper Pro Street car in the Roadkill fleet for some time now, and his friends at Wesley Motorsport in Lansing, Michigan, have come through in the best way possible with this uber-’90s-style Pro Street 1980 Dodge Mirada. According to the man who created the event, your average Drag Week car is not a Pro Street car, but this Dodge Mirada is for sure, and it comes down to one design element: wheel tubs.

Sure, the raspberry pearl paint, obnoxious scoop, and heartbeat graphics are a perfect representation of the era in which the Mirada was built, but big tires alone don’t make a Pro Street car. However, Roadkill’s newest fleet member does have the proper oil barrel-esque circular wheelwells to accommodate the 33-inch-tall, 15-inch-wide tires. What’s the plan for the raspberry Mopar? Roadkill road trip to the Pro Street Mecca: Du Quoin State Fairgrounds in Du Quoin, Illinois!

The malaise era of American automotive manufacturing is famous for badge engineering—the most simplistic redesign of a car model across brands under one corporation, often just simple styling cues like grilles or bumpers. The Dodge Mirada, built from 1980-1983, is a superb example of the practice.

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