These Are the Fastest Cars in the World


These Are the Fastest Cars in the World

The majority of our motoring lives are spent at speeds well under “exciting,” but that hasn’t stifled the enduring dream of speed—raw, addictive, uncut speed. Once reserved for just a rarified few performance machines, 200 mph is now considered entry level for a good chunk of modern supercars. Heck, some eyebrows won’t raise at anything short of the 230-mph mark, and even then, the car you’re looking at still will be quite a few rungs down from the fastest, most powerful machines out there.

The speed wars are still white-hot in 2021, and to celebrate, we put together a list of the fastest cars to ever put wheels to tarmac—and we didn’t limit ourselves to current production models. We hope you brought Dramamine, though to help you steady yourself, we’ve arranged the list in order from slowest to fastest. For the full story and vehicle photos, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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