These 16 Cars Cost More Used Than New Right Now


These 16 Cars Cost More Used Than New Right Now

The automotive market is completely crazy.

Right now, the automotive market is a mess. That’s a tremendous understatement, especially in the United States as the global microchip shortage leaves auto dealerships empty with virtually no new inventory. As such, used cars are in serious demand and the result is some kind of bizarro world where rain falls up from the ground, cats and dogs get along, and used cars are worth more than their new counterparts.

We aren’t just talking about a few pennies over MSRP, either. According to a new report from iSeeCars, the sixteen vehicles on this list bring an average of $1,155 more in lightly used condition from 2019 and 2020 model years compared to new 2021 versions. Of course, there’s a Catch-22 happening here in that finding any of these cars new is extremely difficult, and when you do find one, a hefty dealer markup is likely. As such, even though used prices are higher than new, you’re still likely to pay more for a new car because it will almost certainly have a market-adjusted price, just as the used cars do. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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