There Isn’t a Scrap of Plastic On This Custom-Paneled, All-Metal Porsche 911 Build


There Isn’t a Scrap of Plastic On This Custom-Paneled, All-Metal Porsche 911 Build

Every year, as the dust settles from the annual SEMA show there are a handful of crowd favorites that continue making the rounds on social media and have everyone talking. For SEMA’s 2021 return earlier this month, one of those vehicles is CSF Cooling’s Porsche 911, a high dollar, highly detailed build meshing a classic feel with modern technology and spared no expense. And one of the most interesting and painstakingly executed ingredients to the CSF911 recipe involves the one-off custom work by metal specialist Perry Spring II.

The 911’s front and rear bumpers, hood-access filler lid, and duck tail wing were all designed and built by Perry using techniques that not only require hands-on skill and experience, but the patience to keep chipping away at a project until it meets rather lofty expectations. By modern technology standards, churning out custom metal creations is essentially opting to take the hard road, but one look at the finished product and you immediately understand the difference between hand-formed metal work and, say, a 3D-printed mold smoothed and painted, as is typical with some of today’s SEMA display cars.

This car is destined to be driven and enjoyed and as such, the parts attached need to stand the test of time. Furthermore, Perry’s work is surrounded by top notch touches from a team of builders that all offered their expertise in various fields for one of the best builds of the year, raising the bar quite a bit. Talk to Perry, though, and it’s just another day at his shop, Perry’s Custom Metal of Upland, California, where he’s been making the impossible possible, for the last 13 years.

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