There Is a New Lamborghini Countach Coming


There Is a New Lamborghini Countach Coming

You know the car. Poster child, former of fantasies, stuff of mythos. Its name is an exclamation of surprise and astonishment in Piedmontese—imagine naming a car “damn!”  It is the original supercar as we think of one today, perhaps stylist Marcello Gandini’s finest work, and certainly the one that defines his legacy. For as long as the Lamborghini Countach was built—and it was a full 16 years, arguably too long—the doorstop-shaped jaw-dropper never lost the impact it had on every eye in the vicinity.

The Diablo that replaced it may have been a superior-driving car, but it was no Countach. In fact, with such an iconic original, it’d take a deft hand to revive it successfully, to risk something that wouldn’t live up to the legend of the original. Lamborghini is doing just that.

The Countach is coming back.

As you can see in the teaser video and the one misty image of a shrouded wedge shape, it seems like a serious attempt at reinterpretation—not recreation. The roofline isn’t nearly as low or flat as the original, something that probably isn’t even possible given modern safety requirements. But the long tail, with its dramatic cut back towards the rear wheels, means this could be nothing other than a Countach—reimagined, sure, but unmistakable. Consider the way that the new Alpine A110 remixes the vibe of the original car; it could be nothing else, but it’s no slavish copy. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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