The World Needs More NASCARs on Ice


The World Needs More NASCARs on Ice

Last month, NASCAR proved that its current generation of Cup Series cars kind of work on dirt. Whether or not the race was actually good, it was both promising and novel, and the relative success of a temporary dirt surface showed that demand for stock cars on strange surfaces definitely goes past the traditional flat dirt short tracks these cars once called home. Enter the NASCAR Euro Series, the regional stock car tour of western Europe that races spec 400 hp stock cars, and the ice track at France’s Val Thorens ski resort.

The test, which seemed to be more proof-of-concept than an actual preparatory step for anything coming in the immediate future, was conducted by spec chassis constructor and engine builder Team FJ and seems to have been something of a surprising success. According to the series press release, the car was actually fairly fast, “already quicker than all specifically-designed rear-wheel-drive cars and close to all-wheel-drive ice prototypes lap times.” For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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