The Turbocharged, AWD Toyota GR Corolla Is a Go! Here’s What It Could Look Like


The Turbocharged, AWD Toyota GR Corolla Is a Go! Here’s What It Could Look Like

Yep, Toyota’s getting serious about GR. The warmest Corolla Hatchback you can buy right now in the U.S. is the surprisingly likable XSE manual, which packs 168 hp. The GR Corolla will have the hardware be a benchmark hot hatch, ready to run wheel-to-wheel with the likes of Volkswagen’s Golf GTI or R.

While the GR Yaris, designed from the wheels up to compete in the World Rally Championship, shares only its front and rear lights, exterior rear-view mirrors, and the roof -mounted antenna with the XP210 Yaris launched in 2020, the GR Corolla will share most of its basic structural and body hardware with the regular E210 Corolla hatchback. It will, however, get aggressive front and rear fascias, with a deeper spoiler and splitter up front and GR badging on the grille. It’ll be finished off with a currently fashionable faux diffuser at the rear, with a single big-bore exhaust outlet on either side.

Toyota, which lobbied the FIA to allow a three-cylinder engine in the World Rally Championship, says the G16E-GTS engine in the GR Yaris is the smallest and lightest 1.6-liter turbo motor in the world, and the world’s most powerful three-cylinder production engine. Why three-cylinders? “We preferred this engine due to its light weight and compact size,” says development project leader Atsunori Kumagaya. “It’s simple to install and the lack of exhaust gas interference made it easier to obtain power.”

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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