The Next-Gen NASCAR Cup Racer Is Coming May 5. Here’s What You Should Know


The Next-Gen NASCAR Cup Racer Is Coming May 5. Here’s What You Should Know

Even for race fans who could give a rip less about stock cars, NASCAR’s Next-Gen Cup machine is something to get excited about. If anything, those folks should be even more anxious to see it given the 21st-Century updates it’ll feature—think independent rear suspension and a sequential gearbox. Drivers like 2020 Cup champion Joey Logano have been testing it for more than a year, and it’ll debut in earnest come May 5, NASCAR announced today.

Now, we’ve actually seen the Next-Gen Cup Car plenty of times before. NASCAR itself has published photos and press releases regarding the racer, though it’s been up to us to discern many of the details. That, apparently, won’t be the case next month when the sanctioning body is also expected to reveal the technical specs we’ve been waiting for.

Let it be clear that nearly everything about this forthcoming race car is new. It’s ditching NASCAR’s long-used steel construction for carbon fiber and now, pit crews will only deal with a centerlock during pit stops rather than five lug nuts. What’s more, those will be fastening wider, 18-inch wheels with lower-profile tires. Finally, for the exterior, a totally new approach to body kits and aerodynamics will also make driver skill more crucial for getting it right, both when drafting and leading the field.

Cup drivers Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr. admitted that there was still work to do in November when it came to the car’s aero, but here’s hoping that’ll be ironed out before its expected rollout next season. For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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