The New Formula 1 Car Is Here to Reinvigorate the Sport


The New Formula 1 Car Is Here to Reinvigorate the Sport

Delayed a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Formula 1 has just revealed its 2022-spec car, a car that heralds a new era for the storied series. The turbocharged V-6 hybrid powertrains first introduced in 2014 will be carried over, but the 2022 car represents a radical departure from the current formula, with the aim of making competition better.

Pat Symonds, F1’s chief technical officer, says the series has been developing this car since 2017, and in its debut, he was quick to point out the extraordinary amount of CFD work put into making sure the car contributes to better racing. Currently, the aerodynamics on modern F1 cars are such that competitors can’t follow each other closely. The outwash of “dirty air” from a leading car reduces downforce for the following car, making overtaking incredibly difficult. The new aerodynamic concept, which brings back the “ground effect” aerodynamics that defined the sport in the late-seventies and early eighties, is designed to address this issue directly.

This car will also sport new 18-inch wheels with aero covers. Switching to a lower profile tire helps increase relevance to modern road cars, while also contributing to less aerodynamic wake, as a narrower sidewall deflects less. Pirelli also developed new compounds for the tires with the aim of increasing durability. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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