The New Ferrari 296 GTB Has Arrived


The New Ferrari 296 GTB Has Arrived

  • The 296GTB is an all-new entry in Ferrari’s lineup and packs a turbocharged V-6 plug-in-hybrid system good for 818 combined horsepower.
  • Ferrari claims a time of 2.9 seconds from zero to 62 mph and a top speed of 205 mph.
  • European deliveries will get underway in the first quarter of 2022, with prices starting at the equivalent of $321,000. Sales in other parts of the world are coming later.

Ferrari revealed its 296GTB today, claiming it as the first ever Ferrari-badged road car powered by a six-cylinder engine. We must point out that, although they never wore a Prancing Horse badge, the Dino 206 and 246 from the late 1960s and early 1970s featured a Ferrari-developed V-6 and are Ferraris to us. Still, the new V-6–powered Ferrari represents a big change for the current lineup. The 296 continues Ferrari’s expansion into the world of hybrids, with the V-6 paired to an electric motor to maximize performance and efficiency. The mid-engine 296GTB does not replace any model in the range.

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