The Morgan CX-T Has No Reason to Exist, But It’s Wonderful That It Does


The Morgan CX-T Has No Reason to Exist, But It’s Wonderful That It Does

There is no rhyme or reason why the Morgan CX-T is A Thing. Taking a standard Morgan Plus Four, throwing Dakar-spec overlanding gear at it courtesy of specialist Rally Raid UK (RRUK), and turning it into a go-anywhere, do-anything adventure car is the stuff of fever dreams. Yet here it is. There will only be eight made, and all eight have already been sold to customers who happened to have £170,000 ($230,000) on hand.

The CX-T was born at the beginning of 2020 as a sketch in Morgan’s design studio, a sort of Morgan/Marvel What If …? episode: What If … the Plus Four could climb a mountain? This was then spotted by someone very high up who decided it would be the right car for the firm to produce. A meeting was set up; the project was green-lit.

It’s easy to assume that the CX-T is a quick-and-dirty tires, lights, and spade-on-the-back job, a sort of soft-roader for the well heeled. It very much isn’t, because RRUK doesn’t do things by halves. Both RRUK and Morgan worked to make sure the car upheld their values: go-anywhere ability while looking like a car from the days of yore. As such, the car comes with toughened suspension and chunkier tires for grip in any situation. One of the saddlebags bolted to the front hides a hard-core air filter. The electrics have been raised, so most of the cabin can be submerged and the car will keep going. The car gets a raised side exit tailpipe for similar reasons, and the car’s underside is mostly metal plating so it can drive over pointy things without ripping expensive things off.

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