The Model S Plaid Is Tesla’s Hellcat


The Model S Plaid Is Tesla’s Hellcat

Two American manufacturers are outliers. One, a future-forward group that was all-electric from day one, has carved out a niche by seeing cars as tech products. Another, a beloved relic of America’s muscle car past, makes just three massive cars. Both have the same problem, that their core product is a sedan that has not been updated in about a decade. Both have the same solution, too.

The companies, Tesla and Dodge, have almost nothing else in common. One has presented itself from day one as the giant-killing future of American cars, while the other has thrived in the past decade as little more than the brand that makes moving monuments to straight line performance. But their unique, odd business models have forced both into a strange corner, and they have both chosen to navigate out of that corner by simply making their once very ordinary cars outlandishly fast through a nearly-annual cycle of adding horsepower to what were once mid-market sedans and SUVs. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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