The Maserati MC20’s Sound System Is as Impressive as the Supercar Itself


The Maserati MC20’s Sound System Is as Impressive as the Supercar Itself

On the off chance you ever get sick of hearing the MC20’s V-6 race to its lofty 8,000-rpm redline right behind your head, Maserati has perfected an equally immersive soundtrack for your senses. To create a sound system befitting its new 621-hp mid-engine halo car, the masterminds in Modena enlisted the help of audio-obsessed paisans from just outside the famed Motor Valley.

Sonus Faber has been handcrafting some of the highest-quality speakers on the planet since 1983. Best known for small-human-sized, display-worthy tower units that cost up to $140,000, the company prides itself on reproducing the clarity, tonal balance, and dynamic range of a live musical performance. Indeed, when Leonard Coen’s haunting “You Want It Darker” played on the new line of Lumina V speakers at their headquarters outside the Renaissance-era town of Vicenza, I felt transported to a dingy recording studio, ready to bum a smoke from the gravelly voiced legend himself.

To approximate that audio alchemy within the tight confines of the MC20, the system (an approximately $4,000 option on the estimated $210,000 ride) features 12 channels amplified with 695 Watts of power and 12 specifically calibrated speakers. By using natural materials to reproduce sound—such as the silk used for the tweeters’ domes, which optimizes sound dispersion—Sonus Faber developed a transfixing addition to the already improbable capabilities of the MC20.

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