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The Lotus Emira Will Be a Celebration of the Sports Car

The Lotus Type 131 finally has a name, and like nearly every road car from the automaker before it, the name begins with E. And when Lotus officially debuts the Emira (E-meer-a) on July 6th, it’ll be the final time the company launches a sports car with a gas-powered engine. A sad day, but Lotus is making sure that its final ICE-powered sports car one of its best.

It has big shoes to fill, effectively replacing three cars in the Lotus lineup. Because of that, the two seat Emira will offer a choice of engines. Thankfully, the first engine is one we’re familiar with.

“To start with, we’ll be using the Toyota V6. We love the V6.” Lotus’s new managing director, Matt Windle, told Road & Track. “It’s a fantastic engine. I think you guys over in the States love it as well. The GT has gone down a storm over there.” Windle also confirmed that the engine will be available with manual or automatic gearboxes. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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