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The Life Of Working In Exotic Car Rentals

I’m back GSMC with another post on my old job before coming over to Garden State Motor Club. My previous occupation (2 Jobs prior to GSMC) was the general manager of an exotic car rental place in NJ (I will keep the name of business out). I became friends with the owner my sophomore year of college when I sold him my original 1993 Mazda RX-7, I started to help around with a few things here and there and started to create a better friendship. That summer of 2017 ended, so I set off back to school I said my farewells and from focusing on sports and academics, I only checked up a few times and 2 years went by without conversing much. My senior year was coming to a close and I got a text message from my exotic rental friend asking about school and asked if I had time for a call. After catching up on the team we haven’t been in touch, He asked me if I had a job once I graduate as he was looking for a GM to help with the operations, I was originally going to pursue insurance but I saw an opportunity for something that surrounds with what I love and was a bridge into the real world before insurance. Come June 3rd after I returned to NJ for good after graduation I pulled up to my new boss’ garage and walked through my new office which was a garage of 6 exotics ready to be rented. Exotic car rentals is a very interesting business to involved in. There are a lot of small factors that many people do not think about prior to getting into the business or when listing their car on Turo. I will save going into details for another article to come in the near future for everyone who is curious about the operations. After working for about 1.5 weeks we expanded our fleet, I went to NY to pick up a Ferrari and the following day came to the office to see a new i8 in the garage as well. Now having 8 cars in the stable that cater to anyone’s needs it was time to get them out on the road. For anyone ever wanting to rent an exotic car, do it. It is an awesome experience to get in a car of your dreams and not have the 6 figure price tag and maintenance schedule. Even providing delivery and pick up services if necessary along with a chauffeur service if needed. My main duties as GM were to make sure all rentals were ready to go. Washed, Paperwork, Deposit, Photo of license/insurance. When customers came to pick up the car you do a walk around and not any damage from previous rentals that have not been dealt with yet, show them how to properly operate the vehicle without causing damage, note the mileage on the vehicle currently, and have them sign all necessary paperwork and receipts. From there on out its the customer and the car while there is a void in the garage until the day of return. During my time at the rental company, we had 3 or 4 rentals get hit (Luckily nothing major, just cracked bumper nothing structural). Every vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking device that also tells you the speed of which vehicles are traveling. This ensured smooth operations and no misshapes at all. Working in the exotic car rentals is extremely fast-paced as cars come in and out lightning-fast and scheduling is crucial as every minute to the day is important especially if a car drop off is 20 minutes before it goes back out to another customer and you still have to go over the whole car and clean it in and out. All vehicles are properly washed with the 2 bucket method to ensure a proper shine and no swirls (at least that is how I did it while I was there). Working in this business was an awesome experience and gave me a lot of seat time and overall knowledge of cars I thought id only get to see in my lifetime. Working there allowed me to help others in fulfilling their dreams of being in/driving an exotic, along with being able to engage in conversation of my driving experiences and help guide those when in the market to rent/buy. The busiest time while I worked there was Prom/Graduation. It’s all about attention those days and what says it better than rolling up to your prom in an Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Most of these people were very generous but you get some crazy requests and at times overly demanding people, but at the same time, it is their special day so it is someone acceptable. You deal with some very shady people at times but I guess if your license is clean/valid, proof of insurance and have the funds you can’t be denied. I have heard of horror stories prior to my arrival and did not deal with any while there. I loved working there and still talk to the owner/my friend frequently. It was a blast and something I will never forget and am thankful for the opportunity, But new doors open and GSMC has my attention from here on out.

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