The Jeep Wagoneer Was Ahead of Its Time


The Jeep Wagoneer Was Ahead of Its Time

Before there was a Range Rover. Long before Lexus was even an idea. Back when the only competition for the industrial-grade Chevrolet Suburban was the farm-grade International Travelall. Jeep invented the sort-of-luxurious, four-wheel drive, oversize station wagon. No one called it an SUV. It was the Wagoneer.

There was nothing Grand about it. Well, not yet.

Glenn Evans, an investment advisor for Mass Mutual in Los Alamitos, California has owned this 1977 Wagoneer since 1995. “Guess how much I paid for it,” he taunted in a phone conversation. “I don’t know,” I replied calculating the value of then 18-year-old Jeeps during the mid-1990s in my mind. “Nope,” he said. “Half that. $1200.”

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