The Huracán STO Is the Lamborghini Formula Perfected


The Huracán STO Is the Lamborghini Formula Perfected

There’s no way a stripped-out track-day special can be a perfect car. Even the best enthusiast cars have some creature comforts. Being a truly excellent enthusiast car is all about nailing that balance. The thing is, the Huracán STO wasn’t built to be the best driver’s car out there. It was built to define the Lamborghini brand. And it does that job perfectly.


I’m not saying the STO isn’t a great driver’s car. It’s one of the most engaging, exciting cars I drove in 2021. Initially intimidating, but light on its feet and eager to pounce, it’s as ridiculously fun to pilot as it is to look at. It’s the type of car that commands your attention at any speed. Because there’s no all-wheel drive to sort you out on corner exit, you have to be acutely aware of where the rear end wants to go. There are electronic safety nets onboard, sure, and they’ll save you if you’re clumsy. But to set truly quick lap times, you have to know what you’re doing. Otherwise you’ll get caught out in spectacular fashion. The brakes are fantastic, the driving position is spot on, and the steering is ultra-quick and full of feel. It’s a real driver’s car developed by people who know how to have fun.

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