The First Drivable Ford GT Prototype Is Up For Sale


The First Drivable Ford GT Prototype Is Up For Sale

The 2004 GT CP-1 may not be street legal, but it is signed by Carroll Shelby and GT designer Camilo Pardo.

  • Bring a Trailer is auctioning the 2004 Ford GT Continuation Prototype 1, the first running GT, which was used for emissions testing.
  • The GT still packs a 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 but is limited to a top speed of 5 (yes, five) mph by a Ford-installed chip.
  • The CP-1 has been autographed by Carroll Shelby and Bill Ford, among others, and has only traveled 1212 total miles.

The first running and driving prototype of the first-generation Ford GT has come up for sale on the Bring a Trailer auction site, providing a chance for some person (or museum) to own a unique piece of automotive history. The vehicle, referred to as Confirmation Prototype 1 (CP-1), is black with white graphics and was employed by Ford for emissions testing and making sure the car met road certification requirements.

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