The F100 Eluminator Is a Rad SEMA Restomod Concept Packing Ford’s New E-Crate Motor


The F100 Eluminator Is a Rad SEMA Restomod Concept Packing Ford’s New E-Crate Motor

Ford unveiled a new concept truck EV today to mark the official start of the 2021 SEMA Show. Built in conjunction with MLe Racecars, the new F100 Eluminator is a modified classic truck that highlights what the future of aftermarket builds may look like in the all-electric future.

The F100 Eluminator build began with a 1978 F100 pickup, though it seems safe to say this truck shares little in common with other examples from that era. In place of the original fossil fuel-sipping powertrain now sits the electric drivetrain from a Mustang Mach-E GT, which provides the pickup with 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque. For reference, the most powerful variants of the F-Series lineup only made around 220 hp back in 1978. The electric motors at either axle provide the truck with all-wheel drive, which should help it make good use of that instant torque delivery. In order to accommodate the modern electric drivetrain, the team at Roadster Shop developed a new chassis for the truck to ride on.

Like any proper SEMA build, the F100 Eluminator also features a number of visual upgrades. The body of the truck has been finished in Avalanche Gray paint, which is offset by unique Cerakote Copper accents installed by Brand X Customs. Forgeline provided a set of 19×10-inch billet aluminum wheels, which come wrapped in a set of Michelin Latitude rubber. Pop open the doors and you’ll find an avocado-tanned leather by MDM Upholstery, as well as a slick billet aluminum dash by JJR Fabrication.

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