The Dodge Challenger Outsold the Mustang in 2021


The Dodge Challenger Outsold the Mustang in 2021

Despite a supply chain crisis that impacted the auto industry across the board in one way or another, the folks at Dodge will be able to walk away from 2021 with a sizable smile on their faces. That’s because the Dodge Challenger officially outsold the Ford Mustang last year, giving the Mopar its first segment crown to date.


According to Stellantis, Dodge sold a total of 54,314 Challengers in 2021, which represents a 3 percent increase over 2020’s total of 52,995 units sold. Ford on the other hand managed to move 52,414 Mustangs last year. Unfortunately for the Blue Oval, that figure is some 14.2 percent lower than the 61,090 Mustangs sold in 2020. Considering Dodge’s Brampton Assembly Plant in Canada faced more supply constraints than Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly, this feels like a win Dodge can be proud of. Regardless of the blow, Ford can still be glad it isn’t in Chevrolet’s position.


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