The Coolest Old-School Rides at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon


The Coolest Old-School Rides at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon

Every year, with the exception of a tumultuous 2021, the Tokyo Auto Salon takes place in January and leaves everyone in the tuning world talking. Serving as a jump off point of sorts for trends and styles that start trickling down over the 11 months that follow, it’s widely noted as the most important event of the Japanese aftermarket.

Newer cars are often the focus of TAS, as tuning shops and parts manufacturers put their best feet forward with demo cars aimed at garnering interest from potential clientele. Along with those, however, are a heavy concentration of local tuning shops, much of them unknown to the masses, that also do their best to display their work and services under the show lights.

The event brings together old school knowledge and style and combines them with modern cars and cutting edge technology making for a unique automotive experience. Pepper in some professional-level motorsport vehicles and over a thousand vendor booths, and you can understand why it’s on everyone’s bucket list.

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