The Batmobile Trailer Drops*


The Batmobile Trailer Drops*

Anything that succeeds once will succeed forever. Hence the upcoming new film “The Batman” starring The Robert Pattinson as The Bruce Wayne/The Batman and Thë Zoë Kravitz as Thë Sëlina Kylë/Thë Catwoman. Besides being the first of the Batman films to identify the main character with a definitive article in front of his name, it brings along the umpteenth gazillionth variation on the Batmobile. Which, surely, in the film is identified as “The Batmobile.”

And now, a new trailer has dropped for the new movie featuring the new crime-fighting four-wheeler in action. Previously released teasers of the Bat-Boogity already indicated that it would look distinctly like a muscle car. More particularly, like a mutated and molted, mashed and monstered 1968 to 1970 Dodge Charger. Something a bit Dominic Toretto instead of Bruce Wayne. Maybe it’s better seen as The Fast and The Furious: The Batman.

There’s also some ’66 Nova in the windshield shape, some ’69 Chevelle in the fenders, and some KITT from Knight Rider in all the red LEDs.

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