The 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Reaffirms Its Place in the World


The 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Reaffirms Its Place in the World

The night before the test drive, the 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL63 parked outside appeared to be daring us to compare it to any SL that’s come before. A smoother and softer shape, the new SL retains the long-hood and short-deck proportions of its predecessor, but with much trimmer overhangs. It looks less brickish than the previous square-jawed design, the front curvier, the back sculpted and sloped. The net effect is that the new car appears smaller than the old one despite growing in length.

The last-generation SL seemingly abandoned its role in the lineup as technology and styling leader to become just another pricey convertible. Sales plummeted. Toward the end of production in 2020, the SL’s sales were a tenth of what Mercedes sold in the ’90s. With the new SL, Mercedes is aiming to return its sporty convertible to, if not legend status, at least relevance.

The car may constitute a small portion of Mercedes’s sales, but the SL is a symbol for the brand, a way to showcase the elegance and technology it has to offer, and a tie to the past. “You don’t want to have the SL go away on your watch,” said AMG CEO Philipp Schiemer, admitting that it was both intimidating and thrilling to take on the responsibility for the new version. “It’s motivating,” he said. “It’s something different from the last one, different also from the GT. Fast, but also usable. Comfortable. And beautiful.”


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